8 October, 2020

What Constitutes Emergency For Dentist?

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The manner in which a dentist would handle an emergency would be quite unique apart from a number of other health-related, as well as, essential services. It goes without saying that the emergency dentist rialto rooms and its on-duty dentists and assistants should have a window open to cater for immediate emergencies as would have been the case in the event of a roadside accident. Should this window be open 24/7?

It is interesting to note that not all dental practitioners have such a window in the sense that their surgery will not be open for that long. It would not have been feasible to do so because emergencies are not that regular. But it does happen that the dental practitioners are always placed on call. So, in the event of a sudden emergency, he or she could return to the rooms and prepare for the emergency work.

But under normal operating conditions, there are still those emergencies. It has happened that the dentist’s reception desk has had to do some rescheduling of incoming appointments. A call may come in whereby a distress patient is potentially dealing with a burst abscess. That is potentially contagious and needs to be seen to at the earliest opportunity. Also note that toothaches are not taken lightly either.

So it goes that a distressed patient would need to be seen prior to one who is just in for one of his bi-annual dental exams. He is not likely to be facing any emergencies owing to the fact that he is quite possibly taking good care of his teeth and gums. The clue has already been given. If he has remembered his dental exams, he more than likely remembers to brush and floss his teeth regularly as well.