8 October, 2020

How to Safely Remove a Molar

There is nothing pleasant about being told by your dentist that you have to get one of your teeth removed. You were probably thinking it would be a routine trip to your dentist, where they do your cleaning and whitening. But then your dentist talks to you after the appointment and says there is a problem with your tooth. You may have noticed the area was a little sore, or the tooth was slightly loose, but you thought nothing of it.

Now you have to wake up to the reality that you may have to get the tooth removed. The fact is that molar extraction leesburg is not the most problematic experience. It is a lot smoother of a process than you are expecting, especially if the tooth is loose. If that is the case, your dentist can easily get it out and you will not even experience any pain.

But it can be a little bit more complicated if your teeth are in perfect condition. That means you need a tooth removed for some other reason, such as aesthetics. Perhaps you are about to get braces and your dentist thinks you have one or two teeth too many in your mouth.

Your dentist will recommend an extraction and you will have to prepare for the procedure. The good news is that you do get anesthesia during the procedure, which means that you will not have any feeling in your mouth and gums. Your dentist can easily remove the tooth and you will not be in pain or discomfort.

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The pain from this procedure happens afterward. When you go home and the anesthesia has worn off, you will start to notice that you are experiencing a lot more pain. Then you will need to take painkillers and ensure that you are also taking antibiotics to prevent infection.